Golfer Guidelines | Safe Play Procedures

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Oakridge Golf Club
Golfer Guidelines | Safe Play Procedures

Welcome back to the tee at Oakridge for the 2020 golf season.  Just like you, we are excited to get back to playing the game we all love.  To do this safely, and in compliance with the Government of Ontario Health Guidelines, we are asking all golfers for their support.

Please remember to always use social distancing on and around the golf course, including the parking lot.  The minimum distance required by law is 2 metres.  We encourage 10 feet wherever possible


  • All tee times must be pre-booked (walk-on golfers are not permitted)
  • Same day bookings will be booked based on availability
  • Our driveway attendant will welcome you to the course
  • Call the pro shop from parking lot to check-in (please prepare your golf equipment before calling to check-in)
  • Prepayment for tee times is required
  • Member account and/or credit card on-file is required
  • The pro shop is closed to golfers
  • Power carts will be available for pick up
  • Power carts will be sanitized and washed before each use
  • A disinfectant towelette will be provided with every power cart
  • Our parking lot greeter will meet you at the “ready for golf” area
  • Additional hand washing and sanitizing measures are in place
  • We will increase the frequency of disinfecting contact areas
  • Payment machines will be disinfected before and after use
  • Washrooms will be sanitized and disinfected regularly
  • All staff will self-check and sign off before beginning their shift
  • All staff are provided PPE equipment and safety instructions on how to wear and use it
  • Food and beverage will be delivered by a roving cart on the course
  • The clubhouse/restaurant will be closed
  • Private alcohol is not permitted by law; AGCO laws will be enforced

  • Tee Times may be booked by calling the pro shop at 905.985.8390
  • All golfers must have a tee time prior to arrival
  • We encourage golfers to reserve for 2 or 4 golfers
  • Twosomes may be paired up for play
  • Walk-ons are not permitted (please do not arrive without a tee time)
  • Power carts are available; walkers are welcome
  • Modern Gold Members may reserve 14 days in advance
  • Afternoon | Evening Members may reserve 10 days in advance
  • All golfers may book 7 days in advance (prepayment is required)
  • Same day bookings are possible by contacting the pro shop
  • We require 2-day notification for cancellation/reduction in golfers
  • When the course is deemed unplayable due to inclement weather you will not be charged (refer to rain check policy)

  • Single rider (one rider/one bag per cart) applies
  • Shared power cart (two riders/two bags) is permissible only when golfers are from the same household and provide proof of residence
  • If you have an early morning tee time, we suggest that you bring your own towel to dry the dew off the cart seat and roof as required
  • We kindly ask that golfers deposit all packaging and garbage in the bins provided in the “power cart return area” after their round

  • The Driving Range is closed/unavailable.

  • You must bring your own pull/push cart; rentals will not be available

  • You must bring your own clubs; rental clubs will not be available

  • Arrive at the golf course no earlier than 20 minutes prior to tee time
  • Upon arrival, remain with your vehicle and prepare your golf equipment.  Then contact the pro shop at 905.985.8390
  • Power carts are available in the “pick up area” (return to your vehicle)
  • Remain with your vehicle until your entire group is ready for golf
  • We will invite you to the “ready for golf” area once golfers check-in
  • When you proceed to the “next on tee” area our starter will welcome you.  Access to the putting green before tee off is available
  • We have a no-touch cup device unique to our facility to ensure your enjoyment and safety when putting (you will be able to sink putts)
  • Our starter will let you know when it's safe to proceed to the 1st tee

  • Washrooms will be available before play, during play and after play
  • Prior to arriving at the “next on tee area” and after your round, temporary washrooms will be available in the parking lot
  • While waiting on the 1st tee, and between the 9th green and 10th tee, washrooms will be available (single occupancy policy)
  • On-course washrooms will be available between the 4th and 5th holes as well as on 14th tee (single occupancy policy)
  • Ball washers will be removed from teeing areas
  • We recommend bringing your own towel and sanitizer for cleaning golf balls and your golf equipment.
  • Bunker rakes will be removed from play; please use lift and place (prefered lie) in the bunker and smooth out when finished 
  • The pin (flagpole on green) will have a unique “lift with putter” putting extractor on every green and golfers will not touch the pin
  • The putting green has one for demonstration before teeing off
  • When finishing your round please exit the course and go directly to your vehicle to unload your equipment
  • Return power cart to cart return area and empty all garbage and recycling into bins provided (thank you in advance)
  • We kindly ask that you then leave the golf course property (gathering after your round is finished is not permitted)

  • We have a proprietary "sinks putts safely" device that will allow you to putt the ball into the hole. Do not touch the flag stick. We also recommend that all golfers putt out: once you begin putting continue until you are done. Then the next golfer to putt will do the same.

  • Food and beverage will be provided by a roving cart on the course
  • Sandwiches, prepackaged snacks and cold beverages will be served
  • The clubhouse/restaurant and snackbar will be closed 
  • Private alcohol is not permitted by law; AGCO laws will be enforced

  • The rain check policy will be modified until the pro shop is able to reopen safely
  • If/when inclement weather creates an unplayable scenario, we will provide rain checks
  • Golfers will be expected to play during intermittent weather conditions once the round has commenced and cancellation of tee times due to forecast will be subject to our cancellation policy and prepayment procedure


Thank you in advance for returning to Oakridge Golf Club.
Your shared commitment to safety is valued and appreciated.
See you soon…


UPDATED: May 21st 2020

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