GUINNESS The Goose Dog

I don't like Mondays... Well, I should say- I DIDN'T like Mondays until recently....

Although I love my adopted family and home, Mondays meant the end of the weekend of running, hiking, chasing and fun... Mondays meant that the kids were off to school and my parents were off to work, and there was nothing for me to do but nap and lay about...

Laying about is a foreign concept to me. I'm a working dog- always have been, always will be. While in foster care I learned how to work a farm's livestock and participated in sheep trials. The ONLY thing I miss from my foster care days was being of service and use . I love to work, and if I don't work, well.... I can get a little loopy and become a bit of a "handful".

My dreams came true this spring/ summer when Mark (Dad) approached Shawn at Oakridge Golf Club to see if they could use my help with goose control. Luckily for me, the staff at Oakridge said "we sure could, have at it Guinness". Now my Mondays (Wednesdays, Saturdays, and sometimes Sundays) are full again, as I do my best to ward off the Canadian Geese at Oakridge. We arrive at first light on those days for a morning run/ chase, and once again at sunset. The geese and I have a unique and ancient understanding.... They think of me as a natural predator (fooled them) and after a fair amount of chasing and some harassment, it would serve them better to nest, feed, and swim elsewhere.

We had somewhat of a late start this year, which meant that a lot of geese had already "imprinted" on #1, #6, and #18 ponds. They had nested, and hatched youngsters. As bad as I wanted to chase the geese, I had to be somewhat restrained in the interest of compassion and preservation.

Once mid to late August comes around, and all the geese can fly again, my talents and persistence will no doubt pay dividends for Oakridge. Then, I will chase the geese to and out of the ponds where they will have no choice but to fly away to find other feeding grounds. Hopefully I can return in early spring next year to have more of a preventative impact on the geese before they have a chance to imprint on Oakridge Golf Club.

Weekday mornings, I am working the course (along with Warren et al) before any of you arrive. Weekday evenings, I am working while you're in the Clubhouse, perhaps enjoying my namesake. But, on Saturday mornings, I hang around a bit to meet the staff, customers, and hopefully share a toasted western sandwich with Dad. If you see me (I'm the one wearing the bright orange life jacket), drop by and say "hello". The attention is welcome and only adds to my satisfaction as a working dog.

Mondays are a joy once again. Thank you Oakridge Staff!


Guinness (and Mark).

35 Lauren Road, Port Perry, Ontario, Canada L9L 2A7